Nice words that mean nothing

When I first started writing professionally it was for skateboard media. I remember following a journalism course at The London School of Journalism and a couple of my tutors found it hard to understand why I wasn’t trying to secure a job as a broadsheet hack or corporate copywriter. The reason was simple: I skated, I knew skateboarding and I loved skateboarding. When you’re passionate about something it makes it a whole lot easier to do.

Needless to say, skateboard journalism is a niche market with very little cake to share so I did swallow my pride and swap my baggy jeans for a suit and tie. Corporate work pays the bills but it sure as hell doesn’t deliver fun. Bizarrely my left field approach was embraced by some of my colleagues and I found myself working for a couple of legal and consultancy firms and even did a stint at one of the European institutions. What looked good on my CV was actually a terrible ball ache for someone with an imagination like mine. I would tear my hair out at the marketing and communication managers who preached the “think-outside-the-box” philosophy by always watered it all down or stuffed it with waffle that made no sense. Thinking back on it now, some of these businesses were probably practicing very shady operations that sit happily in a grey area of the law so lots of nioce words that mean nothing is just right for them and their clients.

Anyway, as the Creative Righter, I aspire to provide people with a unique box of words and ideas that they can dive into and use to build their business. I remember arguing quite extensively with a Partner of a law firm once because I had edited down his services brochure into common English.

“But that’s what we do! It makes sense to me!” he pleaded.

“Yes,” I replied. “You are a big lawyer but the people reading this are just normal people in the street. If they don’t understand what you’re selling then you’ll be out of business.”

Here are just a few examples of nice words that mean nothing. If you need words that do mean something, contact

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