Open Mic Night

The last time I grabbed a mic was at least 20 years ago. It was a freestyle session in a club or radio station with a bunch of keen but critical rap fans around me. When you step into the cypha, you had best come correct. Thankfully, I had done my homework and my rhymes were appreciated. Fast forward 20 years and I’m back on the mic.

This time it was a slightly more relaxed and subdued event at the City Lights Cinema Bar in Valletta for the Word on the street weekly open mic night. The original plan was to attend and see what the general vibe was like before actually stepping forward and sharing my words with those in attendance. As a last minute night out, I only managed to scramble one friend to join me. I probably could have gone alone, but as a parent with two small kids and husband to a hard-working wife, I had to seize the opportunity to leave the nest and socialise so it was cool to have a bit of company.

The real surprise came when I found out there was a opening in the order of ceremonies and I was kindly asked to join the short line-up of speakers. I had some material ready, whether it would appeal to the crowd or not was unknown, but I knew that I would eventually get up there so why not just jump in at the deep end.

It was a wise decision. The evening began with some fictional reading and then it was my turn to bring the word play and rhymes. I shared a wide variety of poetry and spoken word work I’ve written over the last couple of years. Some reminiscing of years past, some social evaluations and some dinosaurs. Yes, I’m working on a book of dinosaur poems for kids. Thankfully adults like dinosaurs too. There was a lady singing on guitar, another couple of poets and some final words from a local author. By 10pm we had all enjoyed some imaginative plots and clever metaphors before mingling and meandering into the night again.

If you are interested in attending the Word on the street Open Mic Nights, check the instagram account or pass by the City Lights Cinema Cafe in Valletta every Thursday night 8-10pm.

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