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Sammy Baca – Drop-in grind – Baker has a deathwish

The following testimonial is entirely fictional and based on a brief moment in Skateboarding history.

“He came flying down like a wild, hairy Superman!”

Julie Cooper recalls her first encounter with Baker Skateboards amateur (currently Professional) Sammy Baca as he dropped in to a narrow curved to ride in grind in Baker Skateboards Baker has a deathwish.

“I had just done some shopping at the MLC with friends and were on our way to grab a coffee at Frankie’s Plaza. We saw some skaters hanging around the Martin Place entrance. Skaters are always hanging around there. Krystal’s brother skates there all the time. One of them was standing at the top of the wall above the tunnel. Next thing we saw was him flying down and around towards us. It was wild!”

Sammy Baca and several Baker riders were touring in Australia and were looking for spots to film at when Sammy spotted the infamous curved wall to rail drop-in at the MLC Shopping Centre in downtown Sydney. Never one to shy from a dangerous drop-in, Sammy climbed atop the 20 foot drop and proceeded to ride down it with shoppers and pedestrians passing on the concourse below. 

“It was Krystal, Jenny, my mum and me. We had just finished shopping at Kookai. Jenny for a cute tank top and I had bought some hot pants. I think the thing that stood out with the skater, besides his crazy stunt, was his gear. He didn’t look like your average skater dude in baggy jeans. Instead he had a long sleeve flannel button-up shirt, cut off jeans and knee-high white socks. Oh! And that wild hair!”

Naturally, the girls screamed as the skater hurtled towards them narrowly missing hitting anyone. Unsatisfied with the first attempt, and encouraged by the young women who waited to watch, Sammy ran back up to try again.

“I remember Krystal saying something crazy like If you do that again you can join us at Frankie’s! I don’t think the skater knew where that was. He was American. But his friend in the stripey shirt was an Aussie and said he knew the place. He asked if the whole gang of them could come?. We just laughed and I think my mum was little worried. Jenny wasn’t listening. She was busy on the phone with her boyfriend.”

As Sammy prepared himself mentally for his second attempt, the friend in the stripey shirt, Australian and professional for Baker Skateboards, Dustin Dollin, applied a thin layer of wax to the aluminium railing to avoid Sammy from sticking and falling.  

“We all watched as the skater rode down the wall and along the rail to the end. It was so cool! I’m surprised none of us got a video. I would have posted that and got a thousand likes!  Oh well…”

With cheers from the onlookers and screams from team mates, Sammy dropped-in and ground the railing with ease. Still to this day, nobody has attempted the same drop.

“It was awesome! I can tell you one thing though: Krystal and I started rocking the knee-high sock look at school that summer before anyone else!  Thanks for the fashion tip skater boy!”

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