BGPs #4

Danny Way, Bucky Lasek, Chris Borst, Steve Saiz – Ventucopa Ramp – Public Domain

The following testimonial is entirely fictional and based on a brief moment in Skateboarding history.

“Them boys were whooping it up so loud, even the cows got to mooing!”

Thomas Barker III recalls the epic skate session that went down on the Ventucopa ramp with Powell Peralta riders Danny Way, Mike McGill, Chris Borst and Steve Saiz.

“This here ranch has seen 3 generations of Barker boys and hopefully a fourth if my grandchildren want to take care of things. We raise cattle, sheep and chickens here and since around 1980 we tend to 40 acres of grapevines for the local wineries.”

Ventucopa is a small rural town that sits Northwest of Los Angeles, just over the border from Los Padres National Forest. A couple of hours drive south through the Park gets you to Santa Barbara, home of one of skateboarding’s most famous brands Powell Peralta Skateboards.

“Oh, I remember the day they built that ramp. It was a big ol’ thing. Normally we wouldn’t stand for any tomfoolery in Ventucopa, we’re conservative folk, but the boys they had building that ramp were a hardworking honest bunch. They even offered to help my uncle and I with some repairs to the fencing down by the highway”

The Ventucopa ramp was a perfect location for George Powell and Stacy Peralta to film their hottest amateurs and professionals for their latest and greatest video project, Public Domain released in 1988.

“The van with the ‘boarders would arrive every weekend that summer, The kids would ride all day until sun down. The little one’s on the farm would sit and watch them boys go back and forth. Little Thomas Junior had a go and fell in love with it! Mama Barker would always holler because she was worried them boys would break their necks. They did take some spills but most of the time they were in control. Lord knows how they did it?!”

With the ramp located 50 feet or so from Thomas Barker III’s pastures, the animals got front row seats to watch skateboard prodigy Danny Way, Mike McGill, Chris Borst and Steve Saiz unleash new tricks on demand. Kickflip indy grabs, Ho Ho inverts, Christ airs over the channel… Radical skateboarding manoeuvres that pushed the envelope and had everyone cheering.

“When Little Daniel rode the ramp, everybody got to whooping and hollering! That little boy in his blue shorts was flying all over the place. Before you knew it, all them other boys, Michael, Christopher and Stephen were lapping it up just as hard. At one point young Christopher was cheering so loud, even ol’Daisy got to hollering and let out a great big Moooo! She hadn’t made that sort of sound since the last Bull came through these here parts!”

As the session went full bore, Stacy Peralta caught every trick on camera – even the infamous Daisy with her groan of approval as Mike McGill launched a tweaked out indy grab 6 feet above the coping. 

“Mr. Powell and Mr. Peralta were kind enough to send us a copy of their film and we all got a kick out of seeing ol’Daisy in there cheering on the boys. Alas that was many moons ago and ol’Daisy is grazing the great big pasture in the sky now. But we’re still here. The Barkers ain’t going nowhere and ‘boarders are more than welcome to come back some time and get to their riding and skidding again. They could also lend a hand picking some of the grapes of the vines. A nice cold glass of wine is most appreciated after a day’s hard work! Ha!”

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