Creative Update – Slight blockage

So, I haven’t posted anything in a while. There are various reasons for this brief hiatus (Travel, Family, Work, Play…) but first and foremost my sudden drop in contact came from that horrible thing all good writers should* suffer from: Writer’s block.

I say “should suffer from” because if you are just churning out those words like nobody’s business, chances are nobody is interested. That’s a little harsh, but a good creative writer shouldn’t settle for average. It’s about quality over quantity and of course not everything you write is brilliant or makes perfect sense.

One of my main projects is a book I’ve written. Actually I should say writing because it isn’t finished yet. The bulk of it is there, but there are a few gaps I still need to fill. I don’t just want to stuff any old content in there though. I need to make sure the words going in are the one’s that stay in. I’m getting there. When it’s ready, I’ll let you know.

For someone with a deep love for lyricism and rhymes, I got turned on to a British poet named George. I realise that I am actually about 5 years late to this party, but I’m doing my best to catch up on everything George The Poet has put out. A young man with a unique ability to bridge the gaps between his listeners and his experiences through rhyme. George isn’t your average “rapper”. He’s a definitely a poet but more importantly he’s a knowledgable poet that researches what he talks about and does his best to provide answers to the many problems he’s seen or experienced. I highly recommend you tune in to his podcast and take a listen. Yes, you did hear him correctly explain the paradigm of social inequality – and yes it did all rhyme!

Finally, I’m busy writing some of my own rhymes to try and get something good to present at a new Open Mic Night. It should be fun.

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