Opening lines – Open Mic Post Scriptum

If you follow my blog you might know that I just took part in my second Open Mic Night organised by Allie and Tina at Word on the Street. It’s a pretty chill affair where people get to showcase their poetry, stories and music in a bar slash cinema, The City Lights Bar, down a small side street in Valletta. Come and join us! It’s every Thursday from 8:30PM.

As usual, when I sign up for this sort of gig, I quickly realise that I need to have something prepared and my rhyming mind is blank. Thankfully not for l;ong though. Here are a couple of the poems/lyrics/raps… Whatever you want to call them that I performed.

The first one “I have to write” was penned pretty fast as I sat there realising as the title says “I have to write!” It’s funny how inspiration can come in a flash like that. The only thing you should notice is that I made sure every bar ended in a -ite. There are more ‘ite words out there but I figured too many would get messy.

The second is called “Opening Lines” and is a quick commentary on the importance I put on words and how important it is top actually communicate using your voice instead of just reading and responding via type like so many of us do nowadays. I have numerous chats set up with friends and groups of people but so often these app-based conversations feel shallow and one-sided. 250 or so emoticons just can’t convey hearing a person actually laugh, cry or sigh. My mother used to call her family every weekend to chat and catch up. She was so keen with it that as a teenager and 20-something I just took it for granted and gave the typical grunt and groan trying to speed up and cut short the conversation so I could go back to skating or chilling with my mates. Today, as a father and son who lives far from family and friends, I totally understand the importance of opening these lines of communication and using them on the regular.

If any of this writing inspires you, get in touch

I have to write

I have to write

They said come tonight

It’s open mic night

I’m down, alright!

Now, what should I write?

Something funny? Something light?

Something witty? Something bright?

Definitely not something shite!

Do people like what I write?

I think that they might

That doesn’t mean that I’m right

I guess I’m feeling lucky like that one website

It’s hard to write

The page is still white

When it comes to stage fright

You just have to grab the bullet and bite

Despite what I might

Feel tonight

In front of this mic

I have to write

Opening lines

Heavily inspired by the desire to write rhymes

It’s fun to intertwine words along these lines

The only problem that I have from time to time

Is getting the syllables to fall exactly where I’d like – them to

Truth be told the knowledge you behold

Is worth more than its weight in gold

Sometimes it can’t just be bought and sold

My forefathers stood here reading from scrolls

Now I’m scrolling on this phone like whoa

You see technology is meant to be 

Even though sometimes I think it’s our enemy

I asked my dad because he’s older than me

What it used to be like before colour TV

He said Son, don’t fight progress

Alright so I’ll embrace the change

But there’s still something that has got me feeling strange

Like that one thing on the horizon out of range

Looking blurred looking grey

It’s this – people don’t talk no more

Let me explain what I’m trying to say

We spend all day looking at our displays

Feeling like we’re included when in fact we’re all strays

A lot of the time it’s gets in the way

Of making meaningful connections

Careful, I don’t mean walk up to a stranger in the street

And strike up a conversation because they’ll think you’re a freak

Most people like to judge a person before they meet

What I mean is actually speak to family

Friends, sisters, brothers or loved ones

These are people who knew you before internet

These people are your real world wide web

A network made of love, laughter and respect

The people who you spend time with is time well spent

You get what I’m saying?

I’ve made it a point to take the time

To pick up the phone and open the line

And tell my family and friends I’m fine

I know those who matter to me don’t mind

Because those who mind don’t matter to me

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